Notice of Availability of Electronic Communications


Gregg County — Chief appraisers of county appraisal districts, and appraisal review boards may communicate electronically through email or other media with property owners or their designated representatives. Written agreements are required for notices and other documents to be delivered electronically in place of mailing.

How does it work? Certain guidelines must be followed for this local option communications:

  • Written agreements with the county appraisal district must be entered first, ensuring what electronic means of delivery are acceptable. If you are interested in receiving communications in electronic format, you should contact your local appraisal district.
  • Public notice regarding the availability of agreement forms authorizing electronic communications may be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the appraisal district on the or before February 1 each year or agreement forms may be delivered on or before February 1 each year to property owners shown on the certified appraisal roll for the preceding tax year.
  • The chief appraiser may determine the format, content, and method to be used for electronic communications other than notices required by Tax Code Section 25.19 which are prescribed by rule.
  • A decision by the chief appraiser not to enter into agreements may not be the subject of an ARB protest, a lawsuit or a complaint to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

For more information, contact Gregg County Appraisal District, 4367 W. Loop 281 Longview, Texas 75604, Phone: (903) 238-8823