Gregg CAD Forms & Applications

Business Personal Property Forms

Business Personal Property Forms Notes
Business Personal Property Rendition Deadline Information Rendition due April 15 (More information here)

*Rendition submission available through our Online Forms or by submitting the traditional Rendition Form.

Business Personal Property Affidavit Requires attached documentation
Vehicle Personal Use Exemption Application Form Due Jan 1 to April 30
Rendition Penalty Waiver Request Form Due 30 days after penalty notification
Request for Rendition Extension Due April 15
Affidavit of Use of Aircraft

Agriculture & Other Forms

Form Notes
Application for Agricultural Use Appraisal Livestock/Hay Production
Application for Timber Use Appraisal Timber Production
General Guidelines for Agriculture Land Gregg County Ag/Timber Intensity Schedules
Change of Address Request Form
25.25 Correction Form Requires attached documentation
Undivided Interest Request Form Request for Separate Taxation of an Undivided Interest