Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board Members Title
Jim Cerrato Chairman
Julie Woods Secretary
Mark Pruitt Board Member
A.P. Merritt Board Member
Keith Honey Board Member
Kirk Shields,CPA,RTA Tax Assessor-Collector

2019 Board of Directors Meetings

Meeting Dates
January 8, 2019 March 12, 2019
May 17, 2019 June 11,2019
August 13, 2019 September 10, 2019
November 12, 2019 December 10, 2019

The Board of Directors Role in the Property Tax System

The governing body of the Appraisal District is the Board of Directors. The board is comprised of five members that are elected or appointed by the taxing units served by the district and also one non-voting member who represents the county. The Board of Directors is responsible for hiring the Chief Appraiser, appointing of the Taxpayer Liaison Officer, adopting the annual district budget, and ensuring that the district follows policies and procedures, appropriate state laws and regulations. The Board of  Directors have no authority to set values or appraisal methods. The Chief Appraiser carries out the appraisal district’s legal duties, hires staff members,  conducts appraisals and operates the appraisal district office.

General Information Regarding the Board of Directors

Who May Address the Board of Directors?

It is the policy of the board of directors to provide the public with a reasonable opportunity to address the board at any regular meeting. You may address the board concerning any issue or matter within its jurisdictions. Generally, the board’s statutory duties and jurisdiction involve:

  • Adopting the district’s annual budget
  • Contracting for necessary services and facilities
  • Selecting the Chief Appraiser and assigning responsibilities to the position
  • Adopting general policies regarding the operation of the district
  • Selecting the Taxpayer Liaison Officer and assigning responsibilities to the position.

Speaking at a Board Meeting

Board of Director’s meetings are conducted in the Appraisal District’s board room on a regularly scheduled basis. During each meeting, the Chairman of the Board will ask if anyone has signed the sheet in order to speak, or if anyone present wishes to address the board at that time. The board allows reasonable time for each person to speak with expanded time given at the board’s discretion. The board has the right to refuse to hear any person or persons that are attempting to speak on a subject unrelated to the board’s lawful jurisdiction. Additionally, the Chairman may limit repetitive comments by one or more speakers.

Policies for Reviewing and Responding to Complaints

The Board of Directors will consider written complaints about the policies and procedures of the Appraisal District, the Appraisal Review Board, the Board of Directors (or any specific member thereof), or any other matter within its lawful jurisdiction. However, the board cannot consider any matter that might involve a challenge, protest, or correction before the Appraisal Review Board as set out by the Texas Property Tax Code. Additionally, the board has no authority to overrule the Chief Appraiser or the Appraisal Review Board’s decision on a value, correction, or protest. Any complaints submitted should specify the nature of the complaint, the name of individual/s, board or department that is involved, dates, and contact information. Please mail or deliver written complaints and correspondence to:


Theresa Norris, Taxpayer Liaison Offficer or The Chairman of the Board of Directors

Gregg County Appraisal District

4367 W Loop 281

Longview TX, 75604


At each regularly scheduled meeting, the Taxpayer Liaison Officer shall report to the board on the nature of complaints and the status of resolution, if there are any.

Board deliberations concerning complaints will comply with provisions of the Texas Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551, Government Code.

Until final deposition of a complaint, the board notifies the party/parties quarterly on the status of a complaint unless notice would jeopardize an investigation.

Taxpayers with Special Accommodations

The board will provide an interpreter at a meeting upon the request of a person who does not speak English or who must communicate by sign language. The request must be made to the Taxpayer Liaison Officer in writing with advance notice prior to the meeting. The Appraisal District office has van accessible parking spaces available (3) for use by handicapped individuals located at the front parking area of the building.

The Appraisal District board room is wheelchair accessible and any individual who requires assistance for entry or access should contact the Taxpayer Liaison Officer in writing with advance notice prior to the meeting. If notice is not given in advance, the district will attempt to make the appropriate accommodations.


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